Some or Any Exercises with Answers

15 Some or Any Exercises with Answers

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Some or any exercises with answers.

Some or any is used for countable nouns. The difference is that some is used for positive sentences and any for negative and interrogative sentences.

Below are 15 some or any exercises with answers. Please try to solve it before seeing the answer at the end of this post.

  1. Molly: Is Henry a musician? Cynthia: No. He doesn’t have … knowledge of music.
  2. ‘Hey! How are we going to cook! There isn’t … water.’ the cook said.
  3. The thieves took away … jewelry.
  4. Have you … suggestions to offer?
  5. Gary, I have … advice for you.
  6. There is smoke on the hall. There is … hope they are alive.
  7. Is there … truth in the rumor?
  8. You are lazy. It’s high time you put in … effort.
  9. Give her … soup to go with the rice.
  10. The plane crash is so bad that there won’t be … survivors.
  11. I am so tired. … kind of help is most welcome.
  12. I was surprised she got … of the answers correct.
  13. … of the three gowns is suitable for this ceremony.
  14. James: Do you have … problems with the work? Ricky: Yes, I have ….
  15. Do you have … idea where she went?
1. any
2. any
3. some
4. any
5. some
6. some
7. any
8. some
9. some
10. any
11. Any
12. some
13. Any
14. any, some
15. any

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